I never thought about the business closing its doors before”

Upward digital trend

What if you could take back control from this difficult time…

focus on what really matters…
and finally, break through to the success you deserve…even TODAY

Marketing Media Announcement

Hi. We are Marketing Media,
a high-quality 360 digital marketing agency. We’ve helped multiple worldwide companies just like yours to break free from growth frustrations, significantly increase their income, and build the success they only dreamed about.

I have launched Facebook Ads but they don’t work for my business. How can I get people to come to my door while everything is closed. Is frustrating to see my profits decreasing without being able to do much. Is not that easy.
Claire W.

My website looks outdated but getting a new one will cost me thousands of dollars. I’m just wondering how they expect me to invest on this when I see clients not coming. I don’t know what to do.
Glenn S.

I was definitely not prepared for this crisis. I spent money on digital from time to time but everything was being invested in my store. An agency will charge me thousands of dollars and I don’t have enough people with experience in web or digital marketing. I’m so worried.
Danna P.

6 months ago…1 year ago…3 years ago…Is this what you thought your business would look like?

Day after day you wake up. Check your sales or appointments, and then…None (Or just a few — if you are lucky)

You then start thinking…
“What am I doing wrong?”
“Am I missing something?”
“Why are people not interested in my business?”

You always thought that by now you’d be like the businesses you have read about — successful, growing significantly, and their owners enjoying the sweet things in life.

But now you’re just kind of worried.

“&$!#% Coronavirus!”.

Or perhaps you start blaming your current marketing agency if any.

“What are they doing…I’m paying them thousands for nothing!”

Then you start thinking…

“Maybe I should start thinking about closing doors”.

Downward digital marketing tred

But what if the situation were different?

What if YOU were one of these “winners” you keep seeing online — the version of the business you imagined years ago.

Monday morning you wake up. Open your doors. Sit down at your desk. You check your sales or appointments, and then…

“Holy &$!#%, how can I be able to dispatch all these orders or cover all these services”.

Excited, you call your second hand and then you tell him…

“Get ready because we have a lot of work to do today”

You run through your day. Deliver your products or services successfully and make your clients happy.

“What a day!”

When you finally get home, you’re ready to crash. You wash up, turn off the lights, and jump in bed. You fall asleep in minutes thinking about how many people you will need for steady growth.

Why are not we actually like that?

Marketing has changed a lot during the years. What we knew as a guaranteed strategy before, now it barely shows results.

Distributing flyers, posting in printed magazines, great locations, huge banners…these are just not enough now.

In fact, some of them are useless.

Marketing has evolved into what we know as digital marketing now. Advertising through social networks, growing in search engines, distributing content online, sharing quality-edited videos…all of them make part of what we call the digital marketing revolution.

But as well, it evolves so fast that by only having a website there is definitely no guarantee of success.

Marketing evolution

How a business makes money through digital marketing…

Digital marketing is not as tough as people think.

You know your business. Your employees are very good at doing their jobs. But what you don’t know how to do – and what your employees are not trained for – is Digital Marketing.

You have a significant amount of channels where you can advertise your business in order to find suitable leads interested in your brand and services.

While you can advertise through social networks, you can also advertise through relevant websites or even your own clients’ database.

Think about a clinic’s owner, reaching those that have been reading about the specific symptoms they relieve. Or perhaps a restaurant reaching those that have visited their competition online.

There are multiple and several ways to market businesses, you just need the right team to drive you to your success.

Making money through Digital Marketing

Which of these thoughts is holding you back?

I’m not a geek. How should I know what to do? I already have a website and Facebook account. I don’t have time and money for more

You are probably not. And you shouldn’t be worried about that. You don’t need to know how to do it, just who does it. Current winners aren’t concerned about what they’ve got. They are concerned about how to stay up to date with the constantly changing.

I’m already paying thousands to my local marketing agency and I get nothing

Maybe you are. But maybe they don’t know how to handle it and in the end, is becoming too expensive for you.

I launched an online campaign but it doesn’t show me results. It doesn’t work for me

It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for you. Launching a campaign is not just creating a copy, building an audience, and uploading a photo. Thousands of companies are bidding to advertise to the same audience. It needs to be done correctly.

I already work hard

We know you do. But it doesn’t mean that it keeps on top of the market. Plenty of other companies can be working much less and still getting much more than you by just investing in their digital marketing.

I don’t know where to start

We get it. That’s why partnering with the right agency is so important. That is the starting point.


It can be expensive. But there is a solution that can drive you to the growth and success you are looking for.


Our 360-Degree Strategy Service

Digital Marketing Idea

The solution your company needs to succeed during this time

We noticed something interesting about the companies that we considered top performers.

They invest in their digital marketing.

We were not surprised of course.

But just because we all know that, it doesn’t mean that companies are able to drive their marketing success.

Digital marketing team dashboard

You need a team composed of graphic designers, video editors, social media specialists, SEO specialists, web developers and so much more…

How can a small or medium company think about having all these specialists without even knowing if it will generate profits?

We understand that. Therefore, we’ve put together a 360-degree strategy service for your company to start working on this — at a reasonable price.

Here’s just a quick glimpse of what you’ll get

Project manager

Project manager

A highly-trained and experienced digital marketing specialist who you will be able to contact at any time to discuss your ideas and your business growth.

Digital marketing specialists

Digital marketing specialists

Highly experienced digital marketing specialist who is ready to manage and launch your online advertisement in order to get your desired results and grow your company’s presence online

High-quality designers

High-quality designers

Unlimited designs depending on your needs and what can be required for your digital marketing campaigns or online presence including website, brochures, branding and more

Web developers

Web developers

Exclusively-trained web developers who know your website’s programming language and are able to help you with the changes you need to make

SEO specialists, content writers, video editors, and more…in a single package


We are only able to manage a limited amount of companies

Let me be blunt: This package is for winners.

It’s for companies that want to grow and that are seriously looking for it.

This is NOT a just requesting tasks service, this is us leading you to success through digital marketing. Therefore, we can only be focused on a limited number of companies.

Online companies

What quality of service would you get?

Check out some jobs that we have included in these portfolios (only design) so you can see the quality of work that we can deliver to you:


How our 360-degree strategy works

Our project manager will always be in contact with you and you will get exclusive access to our online platform where you can request changes by submitting the required briefs.

Each week, we will be working on what you need and we will deliver it through the same platform or the corresponding channel where it is needed.


It won’t! You will be driven by your project manager. He will plan with you every month in advance so we deliver to you what is needed in order to grow and you don’t have to be thinking about it every day. Just watch your business grow.


Click here to contact us and require an in-person/online meeting to discuss your needs.