Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing solutions. It has maintained its usefulness even with the rise of programmatic ad buying, social media, native advertising and other new inventions.

Business hand touch email marketing conceptEmail marketing presents a wide range of opportunities for businesses and drives better returns on investment.

Why you should start an Email Marketing Campaign

1.     Has Lower Cost that other Marketing Channels

One of the advantages of email marketing is it has lower costs than other marketing channels.

You don’t incur any print or postage costs or pay any fees in exchange for exposure like on a television channel, magazine, or billboard.

The only significant cost might be buying or developing software to automate, track, and evaluate emails. As well, they incur some costs for sending many emails at once, but these costs are lower than what you will incur on other marketing channels.

2.     Reaches an already Engaged Audience

One distinctive feature with email marketing is consumers ask to receive. Most organisations send emails to those that have subscribed to them. This results in much higher conversion rates as a business is only communicating with those that are interested in their brand.

Of course, businesses can send unsolicited email marketing messages, but this may annoy customers or damage their brand.

Businesses that deliver offers and promotions via email, especially by including them in the subject line, increase open and click-through rates exponentially. By distributing unique, targeted offers publishers an opportunity to monetize data, but advertises receive the best reach among audiences with a high likelihood to engage.

3.     Delivers targeted Messages

Marketers are delighted to spend money targeting those who already have interest in their brand. Email marketers take an extra step by sending emails to those who meet a certain criteria, and this makes email marketing very effective.

If a franchise has an offer in a certain area in their region of operation, it can easily arrange to send emails to people who live in specific areas. For example, if there is a sale on medical kitchenware, it can be arranged for only those who have shown interest in cooking to receive an email.

Email list segmentation is suitable for brands that learn about their subscribers. According to studies, marketers who use this tactic often tend to get their subscribers more engaged.

In the past businesses tended to send the same email to every customer or subscriber but times have changed. Businesses that segment their campaigns and data, and send only relevant messages to their subscribers get the best results.

4.     Email Service Providers Welcome Marketing

As long as marketing emails are not spam, users welcome them. There are many compliance laws and regulations that have been implemented to protect user’s data and accounts from abuse. With features like unsubscribe buttons and forms, users can filter message to receive the frequency.

They are also participants in list maintenance, as they can select subscriptions based on relevant information and personal interest and unsubscribe if the content is inappropriate.

5.     Drives Revenue

Email marketing helps to take advantage of impulse buyers. There are only a few marketing platforms which allow customers to witness an offer and buy an item within a click of a button. Use a call to action and a link directly to check out in your email newsletter so you can drive sales better than any other channel.

Study a lot about email marketing psychology so you can improve your results. Also, know that times are changing and to succeed you must move with time.

6.     Easy to Start

You don’t need to be a professional marketer to be successful in email marketing. You don’t have to include fancy videos, templates, images, and logos because studies show that most successful email campaigns utilize simple plain text. The most important thing in an email is content.

You can use an email marketing platform to create stunning campaigns in a quick and easy manner.

7.     Easy to Measure

One of the most important things in any marketing campaign is measuring results. It is very easy to measure the results of your email marketing campaign.

Using reliable marketing software will allow you to track open, click-through and conversion rates, thus you can easily know how to improve your campaign. Also, you can make the changes almost immediately as opposed to broadcast or print advertising which requires some effort.

The metrics obtained by marketing software are more than simple percentages and numbers. They are insights into your customers’ interests and behaviours.

Email marketing campaign can be used tool for monitoring which information has the best results. Then you can adjust your email strategy so it only covers interesting topics and include successful campaigns.

8.     Can be Shared Easily

Subscribers can forward great offers and deals to their audience quite easily. There are only a few types of marketing that can be shared in such an easy manner. If done right, in a short while your subscribers will become evangelists, seeking to introduce your business to a new market.

As time goes, more and more brands are utilising this trick, and social proof has been contributing significantly to online selling.

9.     Reaches audience around the world

With email marketing, you can instantly send a message to many people across the world. As much as social media is very effective in distributing information on a global scale, you can’t tell who is reading your content.

Creative concept email marketing campaignYou can always get better results using segmentation.

10. Has Instant Results

Because of an email’s immediateness, organizations can start getting results only a couple of minutes after sending the emails. You can use email to utilise a 24 hour sale marketing ploy because it creates a sense of urgency and encourages subscribers to react.

When businesses use broadcast or print campaigns they have to wait weeks until they realise sales, and there will be no proof what was responsible for the purchase.

11. A significant ROI

In the business world, results are everything. Businesses invest in email marketing because it has fantastic return on investment. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing generates $40 for every $1b spent. This means it outperforms display, search, and social marketing.

If you don’t show value in email marketing, you might be skipping something. You should be involved in all processes of your campaign including targeting, optimising it, seeing if there is engagement, and finding out what you are not doing.

Make sure the content you send to subscribers is appropriate and high quality. Also, make sure you have selected an advertising partner that gives you freedom of audience targeting. By reaching an active, engaged audience, you will get high ROI and in turn a successful campaign.

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