The Role of Mobile Apps in Digital Marketing

It is well known that we have moved into the age of smartphones. That is why mobile app development is playing a key role in digital marketing. This is basic information that will help you get the most of your app. 

There has been a surge in the global demand for smartphones. Every smartphone uses at least one app, and this has completely changed the world we live in. 

To create the best apps, developers need to be up to date with the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of mobile phone technologies. 

The Role of Mobile Apps in Digital Marketing

Statistics for Mobile Usage

According to a study by Yahoo, 90% of people’s mobile usage comes from apps. Google reports that 91% of people owning smartphones say they go to their phones for ideas while doing a task, and 82% of them do some kind of research on their phones before making a purchase.

The number of mobile users is expected to be 3,8 billion in 2021.

How to Get the Most out of your App to Boost Digital Marketing

Experts recommend including app development in digital marketing campaigns. For many reasons, it is one of the best ways to boost the growth of your business with an investment.

1. Mining Customer Data for Decision Making

Apps can be used to mine user data. The easiest way to do this is by attaching the app to a cloud. This will allow marketing and sales representatives to study and process data to find trends through long term monitoring.

They can use the data to create more effective strategies based on unchanging behavioral patterns found from the organization’s user base.

If you create a customer-friendly app and monitor how users are engaging with it, you will be miles ahead.

2. Expanding your Audience

An app will expand audiences because people can easily connect to your business through it. You get the opportunity to communicate with a wide audience effectively, instead of restricting them seeking you online.

On a global scale, this is a significant increase in accessibility, as you may have been drawn back by geographical location.

Having an app will make your brand available around the world, not just for a niche or for local people. Simple activities such as switching to a mobile-friendly theme can go great lengths when it comes to user engagement and mobile search rankings.

3. Using Push Notifications

Push notifications are an effective and efficient way for app developers to remind users of updates or opening the app. For a business, it informs users about new deals, products, and services.

All these notifications are located on the lock or home screen of their smartphone but aren’t intrusive. It allows turning off unwanted notifications, which is better than desktop site pop-ups that users lack control over.

Push notifications need a whole marketing strategy. You must be keen on word usage and timing because you have limited patience and time in which you operate. 

For example, frequent notifications may make users uninstall your app. Also, even if the timing is perfect but there are too many words or it sounds poor, you may get a swipe away.

Always test your push notifications carefully as you would with other marketing content.

4. Pay special attention to Long Term Metrics and Strategies

A singular boost in engagement or traffic upon first launching your app indicates success. But you must take into account how that measures up in the long term.

Impressive short term results don’t necessarily mean you will be successful in the long run. But it is at least a good way to start something you have to maintain.

Long term plans are always important for businesses, in line with this you must create an app strategy that focuses on the long haul. 

Getting customer’s feedback before developing an app is the best way to achieve this. Also, you should create a clear, realistic roadmap for features that will help customers in the months and years ahead.

Even if you create an app that will be relevant for years, and that won’t be completely overhauled when you release it, will miss out on some features that most users agree they need or want. 

Don’t worry, even the leading brands with experience tend to have a problem with this.

5. Simplify Signing Up and Use

This is the most important and basic step that developers tend to miss, and it can water down your efforts. Your app must be usable from the first to the last step. You should make it simple to sign up using social media including Facebook or to attach it to a website.

Make the interface easy and clean to work on many types of screens, using the latest adaptive design techniques. Every part of it should be very clear, especially in the settings.

6. Connecting the Dots

Your phone apps are like your whole life consolidated in one small device. Making a good business app can become an important element that connects your service and products to your customer’s life.

The best test for your prototype is giving it over to kids to play with it. If they have trouble with something, users will have it too.

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Why is an App Important for your Business?

1. Better Response

With an app, you can respond to your customers in a timely and effective manner.

Apps are very effective in tracking rising customer’s demand and accessing customer’s information.

Developing a good app will help you stand out in the crowd in many ways. Be sure to include all the important features in your mobile app development.

2. Customer Loyalty Value

The power of a mobile app can be reliable, and it builds the customer’s trust. There are many ways to do this. For example, providing customers a chance to review a product or service through a mobile app or helping customers locate the nearest seller of a product they are looking for.

By building customer loyalty, you will find more returning customers and increase the chances of long term survival.

3. Innovative Approaches

No matter the type of business you run, your existing customers will contact you at some point. Including an app in your marketing mix can simplify the process of contacting you.

When customers access your app, they can find out service or product availability without having to call. This creates convenience for them and that means less trouble for you.

4. All Time Visibility

There is no doubt that anyone who owns a phone has installed an app.

The truth is that some apps out there enjoy full-time visibility. If your app is relevant and has featured a function for users to engage with your business, they will most likely use it beyond the initial download.

5. Direct Marketing Channel

An app gives you the opportunity to be ever-present with your target audience and by providing marketers a direct means of communication with customers.

Specifically, the push notification feature allows you to inform customers about new arrivals, and send them reminders about your service or product at any time.

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