6 Digital tools for your restaurant

Digital tools for restaurants

Nowadays, restaurants need to have a digital presence to expand and use digital tools because people search for restaurants in a totally digitised manner.

This is why you need to cover this demand and create digital channels for your business, which means having your main information online and use all the tools and resources available to make you notice. 

Keep in mind that the digital transformation of your business is not an option, but an obligation. Otherwise, you will be losing great opportunities in the market and you may be at risk of being outbid by the competition.

But, which digital tools you can use for your restaurant? The most obvious ones are social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or an intranet to keep all your workers connected, however, there are several other ones.

In the following list, we will give you some useful tools you can use depending on your business’s needs.

1. Google my business

Google is one of the largest digital platforms in the world, it has millions of users and generates more than 1 million content every second.

This platform has a lot of very useful tools such as Google Slide, Documents, the search engine, among many other tools that provide you with an impressive amount of information and that give you facilities to perform several tasks through them.

One of those is Google MyBusiness which allows you to register your business with the name, address and other necessary information so that users or your potential customers can find you easily.

You just have to register the name of your restaurant and fill in the necessary information to complete your registration in the following link.

2. Google Ads

Attracting customers is the main objective of many companies that are beginning to use digital media or digital tools and a perfect platform for this, also powered by Google, is Google Ads.

With this tool, you will be able to advertise your restaurant and appear on the first results of the Google search engine.

Just think about how many times you have looked for some information in Google and how many times you clicked on the first results, many times you don’t even go to the second page, so there is the reason why this position is really powerful.

But, how to use it?

First, you will have to register in the Google ads page and then you will be ready to go and create your first campaign. You will see a sidebar, which is on your left, a tab called campaigns and right there you can start creating your first campaigns for the Google search engine.

Google Ads will be a very useful tool for your restaurant as you will be able to drive traffic to your website to generate visits, thus increase the sales of your restaurant.

3. Google Analytics

If you have a website for your business, then this tool is for you! This is one of the most functional platforms to know the interests and responses of users towards your business.

It also helps you to know the keywords with which users have come to your page, as well as the type of content they liked the most. This valuable data can help you create an adequate communication and know exactly what strategies to use to achieve more leads and more sales.

You should create an account and connect it with your website to start seeing the results. To start you can click on the following link to enter the Google Analytics website.

Restaurant Business workers using digital tools in a tablet

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an amazing tool for all restaurant owners or for the ones that are managing your digital presence because of several reasons. First, it encompasses all social media profiles, studies visitor, statistics and allows publishing at the same time.

It also facilitates the presentation of campaigns to attract your specific audience. It also offers a more specialized experience than other similar tools because it is designed in a way that several members of the restaurant team can interact.

You can start using Hootsuite by clicking on the following link.

5. Mention

Knowing what they are saying about your restaurant in real-time is essential because in this way you will be ready to answer a bad review or thank a good one right at the moment someone makes one. This will let you build customer loyalty and engagement. 

Mention is a service that allows you to receive information at the time the references are made. Also, you will be able to follow the competition or other keywords that interest you.

Remember that, as in any other business, if you reply at the right time to bad reviews you can minimize the negative effect that this can cause in your audience and that is why this tool for your restaurant is so powerful.

You can start using mention by clicking the following link.

6. TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor is a great platform known worldwide for the search and review of restaurants. Having your digital presence on Tripadvisor is essential if you want to have reviews and the chance to reply to them, also this will create trust in your community.

Restaurant workers handling reservations online

For this reason, having a good reputation on this platform is essential to gain trust and attract potential customers. 

Also, take into consideration whether you have a menu restaurant or if you offer an innovative gastronomic experience.

Every year TripAdvisor issues a certificate of excellence for those places that have received the best reviews and this will be useful for you as a way of promoting your business for free.

Remember that Tripadvisor is free to use, but you cannot control everything that is said there so you need to know how to deal with bad reviews.

On the other hand, there are specialised services so that, as the owner, you can expand the information about your restaurant and know what type of audience visits and comments on your profile.

You can create a Tripadvisor account by clicking the following link.

Did you find these tools useful? What are you waiting for using them?


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