10 ways to put your business out there

Once you launch your business you may be wondering how to promote it to start acquiring your first clients.

You may have a lot of ideas but the best thing to do is acting according to a strategic plan.

Ask yourself if the ways you want to market your business will help you achieve your current goals. If the answer is yes, then go ahead!

What put your business out there does even mean?

It means that you will have a presence that will be recognised by the members of your local community. They will be aware of the products and services that you offer as well as your brand. 

It doesn’t matter if you already hold a business for years or if you are just starting with a start-up, marketing plays an essential role for your business. 

However, if you do not know where to begin, we leave you with some useful ideas to bring your business out there.

Business partners

Invest in printing media

The ideal is to have a balance between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Contrary to what most may think, traditional marketing is not dead. It is still valuable and people appreciate it more as they can have tangible things.

You can design your company’s brochure with all the important information regarding your business or get some business cards for you and your team.

In this way each time you meet someone that may be interested in your business, products or services you can hand them. Also, it will add seriousness and professionalism to your business. 

Entrepreneur handing in his business card to put his business out there

Get a website

Interested potential customers want to learn more about your business and you can facilitate this action with a website. Moreover, an optimised website allows you to get discovered by those who don’t know you yet. 

Open your business social media accounts

Nowadays, social media is accessible for everyone and that is why if you want to get to tons of people you should open your business social media accounts.

However, you have to be strategic, so you need to focus on your target audience and identify the social media they use. 

Furthermore, you have to think about implementing an effective content strategy. To do this you don’t need a big budget, you just need to be creative to put your message out there, get to your target audience and if they like it, they will share it. 

Social media as a tool to put your business out there

Start your blog

When you add a blog to your website, your chances of being found increases exponentially as you get better chances to be found by search engines through improving your SEO.

Also, your potential customers will thank the valuable content that you will deliver in each article. 

If you are not sure about what you should start writing, just think about your potential customers and the information that they may find useful. Also, you can include specifications of how to use what you sell. 

Sponsor an event

If you make your business look profitable, potential customers will think you can deliver what they need. Your reputation will increase if you work alongside successful brands, and you can achieve that by sponsoring an event. 

But what does sponsor an event mean?

It is when in exchange for business exposure and a chance to connect with customers, you give away your products or services or even contribute with money to non-profit organizations or teams.

Sponsor an event to connect with your customers

Organise a giveaway

Creating a giveaway in social media is a good idea to promote your business as it is not a costly idea. You just need to be willing to give away one of your products.

The way it works is that the users have to share your giveaway post and tag some friends to participate. The tagged people have to do the same if they want a chance to win as well. 

In this way, you will reach to new people that may be interested in your product without spending any money in paid ads. 

Get involved with local press

Public relations is a good way to promote your brand, you just need to find anything newsworthy regarding your business.

After that, you can talk to a journalist to see if they are interested in what you have to say. 

Talk to your family and friends

Word of mouth is powerful.

You may have some friends or family that may be interested in what you are doing, you just need to find the perfect time to talk about it.

At the same time, they may have some other friends that may be interested as well and, in this way, you can promote it by just the power of a conversation. 

Entrepreneur talking with her friend

Offer a free webinar

Webinars are usually used to share knowledge with potential customers. With webinars, you can create engagement, generate leads and even sales. 

Remember to choose a topic that you think will interest your potential customers. In this way you will ignite a real conversation and the potential customers will see you as someone reliable that is willing to help, solve their doubts more than just a person wanting to promote their business. 

Create a referral program

This is an amazing way of getting new customers.

If you offer your current customers a free product or some incentive every time they send a new customer your way, you will see how your customer’s list will increment exponentially. 

Get together with other business

You can get together with a business that serves the same market as you but offers different products or services. In this way, you can cross-promote each other’s business and share each other’s clients. 

It is not always easy to know where to start when you want to promote your business, but the most important thing is for you to start taking some action.

Independently of the way you choose to put your business out there, taking the first step is big progress to boost your business.

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