9 reasons why you really need Social Media Marketing for your business

Social Media Marketing (SMM) involves using social media to persuade individuals who one’s business, solutions, and items are worthwhile. Community online marketing involves promoting through weblog, social systems, and more. Social promotion involves applying promoting ideas, information, and methods to enhance economic and social trends. Social Media Marketing also involves research of the social impacts of promoting decisions, policies, and activities.

What Social Media Marketing Involves

SMM is a methodical and strategic process to establish the business’s impact, item, and reputation within areas of supporters, potential clients, and visitors. It’s more than hitting the front page of a social information web page.

Regardless of what you sell or to who you are selling, using social media to market your products or services is a cost effective way to help grow your brand.

9 Compelling Reasons why you really Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business

1. Drive Targeted Traffic

Social media posts can help drive targeted traffic to your website. No matter your segment, audience, or industry, a substantial portion of your customers and leaders are on social media.

By having access to a wide audience, you will boost your traffic, especially for new site content. When you post new content such as a blog or web content, it may take some time to get traction with Google and other search engines. This means only a small number of customers will know you have posted your new content until they search your service or product.

Social media makes it easier for the public to find your new content and visit your website. Since the posts usually show up in the feeds of people interested in your product or followers, the traffic is precisely targeted. In other terms, other than boosting traffic numbers, it will bring in the right audience.

The results can be amazing. In some instances, a single link can increase daily page views from mere tens to hundreds.

2. Boosting Your Website SEO

Search engine crawlers study websites to know which ones are earning traffic and which ones are lying idle, ignored and forgotten. As much as having high quality content is the most important factor in determining search rankings, driving traffic to optimized pages considerably causes them to climb fast.

3. Understanding Your Audience

Instagram and Twitter marketing and other social channels are effective marketing tools because they promote interaction with customers. Reading customers’ updates and tweets, you’ll gain helpful insights into their daily lives and consumer behaviors.

By getting insights you gain marketing advantages. For instance, you’ll understand customers so you can write better content and compelling posts, which will generate more views. In some instances, the benefits may go far beyond marketing, helping to identify customer problems, improve sales conversions, as well as refine your product strategy.

4. Building Relationships with Your Audience

As much as businesses consider Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook marketing machines, from the consumer’s point of view they are social networks. This may prove challenging to people who are new to developing their social marketing strategy. Many businesses ordinarily take a hard sell approach, persuading customers with new product announcement, discount offer codes, as well as customer reviews. When the account fails to bring enough traffic gains, they consider social media not good enough for their brand.

When marketers see social media a way to connect with customers, and not a way to pitch to them, they can transform their brand. It’s recommended that you help customers by addressing their complaints, entertaining, and keeping them update with appropriate content and form bonds over common interests.

You’ll eventually build meaningful connections with industry influencers and leaders, providing interesting stories for reporters, great stories for experts, and the best products for experts to share with their audience. As time passes, you will become part of a community.

That comes with good Returns on Investment (ROI). Adequate exposure brings in new leads, which become followers, who finally become customers. Customers will promote your brand and the cycle continues.

5. Ads Allow Targeting and Retargeting

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms offer highly targeted ads, which you can customize around customer needs.

Facebook ads can target customers based on criteria such as location, age, industry, education level, and user behavior.

6. Strong Presence Builds Brand Royalty

Recent studies have shown that brands with good social media profiles tend to have more loyal customers. A simple explanation is that by engaging the public on social media you aren’t just building rapport and connection. You’re also providing your audience with important information, entertainment, and help without demanding any favor in turn.

This way, customers will know you value them not just for their money. They will see you as a caring person with values, vision, and personality. If your market is competitive, such moves can make a huge difference.

7. Effective Customer Service

As competition intensifies, quick customer service becomes mandatory requirement. If there is something customers want to know about your products or services, they expect a quick response.

Several studies have shown that consumers prefer doing business with organizations that respond to their complaints and requests. By having a strong and engaged Social Media Marketing presence, you will keep customers happy and create a positive public image.

8. Unbeatable ROI

Boosting the right social media posts can bring in traffic at a much cheaper cost than targeted Google ads. For example, you can send traffic through Pinterest and Facebook for $0.12, which translates to ten times more traffic for every dollar you spend that you get from Google AdWords.

Social Media Marketing Infographic

Boosted posts allow you more control over when your message will be amplified, thus you can direct most of your advertising budget on posts that matter a lot to your audience.

9. Social Media Marketing is Fun

SMM gives you a chance to make a one on one discussion with your audience, thus you can express yourself and let them know what your brand is about.

Considering the effort you put into marketing and business growth, building real connections with customers can bring big rewards.Social media plays a big role in influencing brand positioning and perception than most techniques and marketing tools. The best way to increase your profile, improve public image, and give your brand more sales is to regularly interact with thought leaders, journalists, followers, and taste-makers. You can hire a digital marketer to help you with Social Media Marketing while you engage in other important business activities.

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