10 Facebook Ad Hacks that Work

If you are running Facebook Ads but not getting desirable results, there are many causes for this. It may include not using the right tools or using the right tools but in the wrong way.

Facebook Ad Hacks Social Media

In this article, we discuss some Facebook Ad Hacks that will help you increase your ROI on your next campaign.

Facebook Ad Hacks

1.    Define and Target your Audience 

Optimizing Facebook Ads alone won’t give you the desired results. So targeting the right audience is a critical step to getting the best results. 

Even if you target the right audience, you are required to follow up and make sure your ad target is working.

Use Facebook Ad Reports to view a report for the ad performance. It will break down your audience by the age and gender to whom it was delivered. 

Also, it will show you the action they took, such as a conversion device, the destination, and the time it was delivered – which can be daily or weekly. 

2.    Using Brackets 

This is one of the most obvious hacks that any experienced marketer should identify very early. Wondering what brackets are? We mean: [INFLUENCERS ONLY]. 

Since Facebook does not support underlining, italicizing, or bolding, brackets are the best way to help you make important things in your posts stand out.

Punctuation is not only fun but the best way to grab your follower’s and other Facebook users’ attention. Don’t overuse your brackets. We recommend using the Facebook Hack (a) sparingly, and (b) as long as it is appropriate for your audience.

3.    Use Emojis

Just like brackets, Emojis will make your Facebook ads unique. Very few people have realized that they can use Emojis in their Facebook Ads so they can stand out.

This one excels because Facebook is basically a platform where users are there to do stuff such as stalking their exes and watching crazy videos. 

By including some Emojis in your ad, you will make it look like the native content it ought to be. It will make your ad look less like an ad and more like a funny post.

Remember to only use emojis sparingly so they match your brand.

Facebook Ads Emojis

4.    Exclude a Call To Action (CTA) 

So many people have written about using the CTA button in Facebook Ads.

While some say it is not good to use the “Sign Up Button” others say that using “Learn More” will give the highest click-through rate.

But we guess you don’t know that you can exclude a CTA button from your Facebook Ads and still get great results. Doing this makes your content look more native as it ought to be.

By now, you should have noticed that the secret to excelling at Facebook Ads is making them look less like an ad as possible. By the way, most people are on Facebook to spend time so keeping it simple will give great results.

5.    Facebook Messenger Ad Campaigns 

As much as this is basically a Facebook Ads hack, it’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

While successful Facebook Messenger Ads are rare, the point is they can work. It is a huge opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. 

In plain language: You can use Facebook Messenger’s ads to encourage and get more people to interact with your brand through the tool. 

For any user that messages your page, you should run ads to them that will appear as a message in their Messenger app. This can be contrasted with building an email list, only within messenger.

Studies show that FB messages have higher opening rates than emails.

6.    Study your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

There is a conventional way to spy on the Facebook Ads your competitors run, just within the platform. Just remember that copying your competitors’ ads is discouraged because it may confuse your audience about which company the ad belongs to.


  1. Visit your competitor’s Facebook Page.
  2. While on the page, go to the sidebar menu and click “Info and Ads”.
  3. Go to the region and change it to “Global”.

All your competitors’ Facebook Ads will be displayed. You should read them to get inspiration. This is one of the best Facebook Hacks that many people still don’t know about.

7.    Facebook Messenger Placement 

This hack is different from the Facebook Messenger Ad Campaigns discussed above.

This is a newer option, and according to history, new ad placements tend to perform well before many users start using and abusing them. You can take advantage before it gets too late.

With this placement, your ad will be displayed in your audience’s Messenger app, just below the first few messages. As the platform shows only a few ads at a time, there are high chances your ad will stand out.

8.    Instagram Story Ads Placement 

Instagram Stories Ads are one of the latest new placements and currently are working very well. All you need to do is place an Instagram Story Ad with excellent video content and voilá!

If you lack the budget and time to create excellent video content, there are many pre-made animated Instagram templates to get you started quickly.

9.    Avoid Running Entire Ad Sets 

Unless you are sure your add set isn’t working, don’t rush to turn all of it off. You may lose good traffic and revenue that was about to come.

When creating a Facebook Ad set, allocate budgets, choose your target audience, create an ad schedule, choose a bidding option, and decide the place you will place them.

Running Facebook Ad Sets

Within the ad set, create a creative ad so you can test and see which ones work with your target audience.

If you tailor your ads within every set to the right target audience – 6 ad sets with 4 ads each for example – you’ll have created 24 ads.

10.  Choose the Appropriate Ad Frequency 

While there is no scientific evidence for the frequency of your Facebook ads, you should try some of the common ideas.

The biggest issue is that it might only appear to them while they use the site. 

According to psychologists, for someone to remember something, they must have seen it at least 3 times. Based on this argument, you should show each Facebook ad 3 times.

Another problem is that people tend to turn off ads or even label them as spam after seeing them too many times. Make sure you make an informed decision about the number of times an ad should appear to grab a user’s attention.

If you have no time to create Facebook Ads or you would like someone to do it while you keep monitoring results and making changes until it is perfect, consult professional digital marketers.

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