How to use Pinterest for your business?

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It is important for your business to have a social media presence as it will help you grow and reach new audiences. Also, you will be able to solidify your brand, gain credibility and boost your sales.

Pinterest is one social media platform that has been gaining ground. It may not have the same popularity as other social media platforms like Facebook, still it has 200 million users per month. Also, it has an incredible reaching power as visual content has boosted over the past years. 

Furthermore, people on Pinterest have higher purchase intent than in any other social media as people go there to find inspiration and look for new products to buy based on those inspirational shared images. 

How does Pinterest work?

People share pictures that they find online and “pin” them on their boards in Pinterest. A pin is equivalent to a like in Facebook. This pin contains relevant information regarding that image, for example the URL where it is from and a brief editable description. 

In order to do that, you as a user have to register in the social media platform and download a toolbar that can be used to pin images from any platform. 

On the other hand, there are users that go directly into the platform to find inspiration from the images that other users pinned and in this way those images get discovered for new people. Those users that are interested enough they will click the pin and re-direct themselves to its website. 

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Why is this relevant? 

It is relevant because for a business it is an amazing way to be discovered. 

You, as a business owner, can create a Pinterest’ business profile to be able to have access to the analytics, something that you can’t do with a personal account. After creating your account there are 3 ways in which you can be discovered: 

  • You can start posting your own images that redirect to your website.
  • Other users may find something interesting in your website and pin it.
  • You can use Pinterest ads to raise your chances of being discovered. 

It is important for you to know that other people can share your website images on Pinterest even if you don’t have a Pinterest account. 

How to boost Pinterest for your business?

Add price tags to your images

It is true that users go to Pinterest to find inspiration, but they are also willing to make a purchase if something really interests them. This is why you should include a price tag as it receives 36% more repins and interest than an image without it. 

However, keep in mind that Pinterest board is not a store, the main goal is to lead the traffic to your website to get conversions. 

Add buttons on your website so people can share content easily

Even when they do not have the toolbar installed in their browsers, they will be able to share your content in an easy way. Keep in mind that if you want the users to take some actions you have to be clear and make it easy for them to perform that specific action. 

You will see how your content will be shared more frequently with this button and a call to action. Another option is to include a Pinterest save button to specific images if you want to promote something special. 

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Be consistent

You should be consistent to have a significant reach. Pinterest recommends pinning at least once a day when Pinterest receives more visits, this would be at night and on the weekends. 

Pinning consistently allows you to keep your followers engaged, and also will help you to grow your views and followers over time. Remember that followers and views can transform in website visitors, and those visitors are closer to conversion. 

Optimize your boards

Are you familiar with optimizing your content for SEO? The concept is basically the same, you have to think about the keywords that your target customers would be using and add those keyworks to the description and titles of your pins.

Gladly optimizing your content for Pinterest is much easier than doing it for search engines. 

You can use Google Keyword planner to look for keywords, but you also can type your target keywords into the Pinterest search bar and some other suggestions will appear at the bottom of the keyword that you typed. 

Create amazing visual content

You don’t have to spend tons of money to create amazing content, keep in mind that the images have to be high quality with good lighting and composition.

You have several resources where you can find high quality photos for free or by paying a small price you can have access to tons of them. 

Another idea is to take pictures by yourself as this will be original and nobody else would use the same, still you have to consider the parameters mentioned before to take good pictures. 

Keep in mind that according to Pinterest, Lifestyle pictures work much better than just plain pictures of your products.

In this study they showed how fashion and style pins that showed people using the articles in their everyday life had 30% more clicks and 170% higher purchase rates than those images that just showed a picture of the product and nothing else. 

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Use Pinterest analytics to improve your results

You will be able to see what pins worked best with the statistics that Pinterest offers you.

Also, you will be able to track which pins generated more traffic to your website and what is most important you will have the demographic and interest information regarding the users that interact with your pins. 

This is really important specially if you work with paid ads and you want to target your audience, this insight will let you know if your content is more interesting to men or women, who is clicking more, who is re-pinning more and in this way you will be able to improve your next campaigns. 

If you have any questions regarding Pinterest to your business do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section. 


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