5 truths about starting your own business

Starting your own business

Starting your own business is an exciting experience.

You may feel a little bit overwhelmed, but overall you will feel accomplished, and you have your reasons to be. This new experience will be likely to be like a rollercoaster. 

You will learn a lot from your successes, but also your mistakes.

What is more important is to keep always improving and also learn from entrepreneurs that probably had experienced the same as you before.

If you have launched your business already congratulations, you are one step ahead in this long and fantastic path. But if you haven’t due to hesitations or fear, there is probably some advice we could give you regarding your business that will motivate you to do it.

It may be useful when you finally feel ready to decide to start your business. 

In this article, we have included five truths about starting your own business that you may not know. Keep reading!

Previous experience is not a must

It is wonderful to have previous experience when you are going to start a business.

It allows you to evaluate the best practices to follow when implementing your start-up based on your experience. However, it is not mandatory to have it. 

Experience comes with experiences and what better experience than creating your own business.

Do not feel bad or lost if this is your case.

The best idea is to consult with professionals who can give you a guide and help you along the way. For example, you may know a specific area, but maybe you will need help with administration, accounting, finance, jurisdiction, logistics or even Digital Marketing.

Group of people having a meeting

Don’t do it alone

Keep in mind that it is 1000 times better to start a business with a business partner, a friend or someone that may have the same goals as you.

He or she could be a complement regarding some knowledge you may be lacking. 

Moreover, it is nice to have someone to share with this experience, even though celebrations and successes are not always appearing.

An idea is just an idea if you don’t do anything with it

Having an idea won’t cost you anything but keep in mind an idea is worth nothing if you don’t execute it.

First, if this is your case, stop making excuses and bring this idea to life in a business form. Don’t be afraid of what may happen. Lots of ideas have failed before they yields a result. 

Remember that the right execution is vital for once the idea is transformed into a business, make it profitable. 

You will have to be meticulous and ask for unbiased opinions to test if your idea will make it big.

You should also do market research to understand the people you want to reach (potential clients) and the industry.

A team brainstorming ideas using post-its

Nobody cares about your business more than you

Yes! There will be a lot of people that will support you on this road and a lot of others that will let you down.

But the truth is that you will be the most interested one about your business to succeed. 

In the end, it will be your efforts, your time and your money what you will put into this project.

So, when someone wants to give you an opinion about your business, consider the following. 

Do they have good intentions?

Are they genuinely concerned?

Are they trying to help you?

If the answer is positive, then remember that it is your choice to follow their advice in case you find it valuable.

If the answer is negative, then keep doing things your way. 

It is always essential to follow experts and gurus that will serve you as a guide to implement your ideas. Not all paths are the same; that is true. But they have already lived what you are going through, and as their businesses and ideas are already successful, you will have a glimpse of what was useful to them and what was not. 

Money is not that important as you may think

Sometimes money is one of those things that stops people from starting their business.

You start thinking that you need a lot of money to start and as a consequence, it becomes a vicious circle where you don’t start anything because of money, and then you start moving from one idea to another until you realise that you need to start something. 

That may happen because you are always looking at the stage of your business when you need to hire employees, buy multiple products and build new departments, therefore you may get overwhelmed.

But this is not how businesses start!

Businesses start with the principal asset, you!

You won’t believe how little money you need to start a business. Then, you can keep investing and growing within the process.

So don’t let this factor refrain you. Remember that your time will turn into money and with that money you will get more. That is the secret to start your business. 

Woman working in her clothing business

You don’t work less. You work more

When you work for someone else in a company, you need to comply with a certain schedule. However, after you finish your working hours, you can do other stuff.

When you want to start your own business, it is not that simple.

You will need to work hard to be your boss. A lot of times much more than in a regular job. So, prepare to make sacrifices.

The time you start your own business has to become a priority and if you think that that will be an issue, believe us, this won’t be something you won’t like.

You will enjoy every single step of this process. You will be so motivated that the time you spend building your business will be well-spent. 

Moreover, at the time you see your business come to life, you will feel like all the sacrifices like working on the weekends and even sometimes non-sleep hours, are worth it. 

Remember that nothing can stop an enterprising soul.

Don’t let the fear stop you from following your dreams and more importantly learn from every little step in this fantastic journey.

If for some reason, your ideas fail, keep trying. You’ll see that perseverance pays off.


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